/ / The Palace of Stupinigi: photos, description (Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi)

The Palace of Stupinigi: photos, description (Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi)

Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi - literally "the hunting Lodge of Stupinigi is one of the Royal residences of the Savoy dynasty, part of the UNESCO world Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. Built as a Royal hunting Lodge in the early 18th century in Stupinigi, a suburb of Nichelino, 10 km southwest of Turin.

Originally at this place stood a small castle, where there was a family of Acaya, a secondary branch of the Savoy dynasty. In 1493, the year he was sold to Marquis Rolando Pallavicino, and then, in 1563, the year repurchased Emmanuel Filiberto, Duke of Savoy, when the capital of the Duchy was moved to Turin.

The new Palace was designed by architect Filippo Juvarra for Victor Amadeus I was to be used as a hunting Lodge ("Palazzina di Caccia"). Work on its construction began in 1729, the year, and two years later hosted the first Royal hunt. To decorate the interiors of the building Juvarra have assembled a team of the Venetians. During the reign of Charles Emmanuel III and Victor Amadeus III Palazzina and the surrounding Park continued to expand, first under the leadership of assistant Juvarra Giovanni Tommaso Prunotto, then with the participation of numerous North Italian architects, including Ignazio Bertola and Benedetto Alfieri. In the end, the total area of the hunting Lodge reached 31050 sq. m., in the building there are 137 rooms and 17 galleries.

The purpose Palazzina di Caccia immortalized in a bronze statue of male deer, which is emblazoned on the top of the stepped roof, and the heads of hunting dogs that adorn the roof. The building itself, incidentally, is built in the shape of Andrew's cross, four lateral wing away from the main hall oval.

Stupinigi was the perfect place for holding different kinds of festivities, including dynastic weddings. Here, for example, the wedding of Princess Maria Theresa of Savoy and future king of France Charles X. Today Palazzina di Caccia is a Museum of works of art and furniture, some of which have reached our days from the Palace building, while others were brought from other Savoy residences in Moncalieri and Venaria Reale. By the way, in Stupinigi houses the most important collection of Piedmontese furniture.

We should also mention the hunting grounds, stretching around Palazzina. Since 1992, the year of forest and agricultural lands are protected as Natural Park of Stupinigi. The total Park area is 17,3 sq. km of its territory now wandering weasels, foxes, stone Martens, squirrels, hares, hazel dormice and other animals.