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Zuccarello: photos, description (Zuccarello)

Zuccarello, a small town on the banks of the Nera river in a quiet and peaceful part of Liguria to the North-West of Albenga. Town nestled among forested valley, is one of the most beautiful in Italy.

By and large, Zuccarello consists of one main street and several small streets, which have retained their medieval character, is getting lost here is very difficult. But despite the tiny size, the town boasts a number of monuments of history and architecture, mainly the 14-17 th centuries - the period when the city was the capital of an independent state called the Marquisate of Zuccarello.

Familiarity with the city should start with the historic centre with its cobbled streets and ancient stone arcades. Here sights such as the Church of San Bartolomeo of the 13th century with the tower, is decorated with exquisite stone arches, the chapel of San Antonio abate with frescoes in the early middle Ages, and the chapel of Santa Maria e San Carlo, built in the 17th century. Near the cemetery there is another chapel with well-preserved frescoes.

The middle Ages belong to and some other sights, Zuccarello, for example, the ancient gate through which access was gained to the city center, an ancient tower, the ancient river bridge and the cloisters. One of the most interesting buildings is the Palazzo Marginale, where in 1459, the year was signed the peace Treaty between France and the Genoa Republic.

On the hill above, Zuccarello rises the dilapidated castle, built in the early 13th century or even earlier. It was built to protect the valley of the Nera.

Most tourists combine a visit to Zuccarello and neighbouring the medieval town of Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, located a few kilometers to the North.