/ / Valley Bryce: photo, description, Val di Braies)

Valley Bryce: photo, description, Val di Braies)

Bryce valley, which is part of the ski resort Alta Pusteria, located in the heart of the mountain world of the Dolomites. The local landscape is characterized by a variety of manifestations of processes in caves: here are almost all types of this phenomenon - mines, crevasses, fissures, wells, and sinkholes. The latter are small sinkholes, which are usually formed by an Alpine lake.

Bryce valley is a perfect destination for lovers of active leisure - lessons like yourself will find here not only the fans of Hiking and mountain Biking, but also mountain climbers and climbers. Their efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the peaks of the Dolomites. In winter you can find many cosy Alpine huts, snow-covered slopes and trails for cross-country skiing.

Over the last few centuries on the territory of the valley Bryce built several churches and temples, and today attracts the attention of tourists. Perhaps one of the most famous is the chapel on the lake brays, erected in the first years of the 20th century and consecrated in 1904, the year. This chapel was visited by many famous people - for example, the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. During the genocide, I found refuge here many prisoners - Hitler ordered to transfer the well-known political prisoners from the concentration camp in Dachau on the lake Bryce. It was here that the Nazis were executed 136.

Other noteworthy churches of the valley Bryce - built in 1335, the year the Church of San Vito with neo-Gothic altar and a Church in Ferrara di brays, erected in 1735, the year and famous for its frescoes.

Inseparable from the valley are its healing springs. The history of their use goes back to ancient antiquity. But it is known that in 1490 the year a simple but ambitious employee of the local lumber mills appealed to the lords Garcia with a request to allow him to build on the so-called "key deer" the building for maintenance and treatment of the sick and the afflicted. The permission was granted, and a year later Princess Paula Garcia attended the first Spa complex, where he healed their sick limbs. For 40 years, from 1830 to 1870-th years - Spa in the valley of Bryce drew over a thousand people, which is incredibly much for the time!