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Valle Grande: photo description (Val Grande)

The valley of Val Grande, the largest in Europe area for wildlife, spread over an area of 14.598 hectares from the shores of Lago Maggiore to the southern Lepontine Alps. This is a real unspoilt "island" of mountains and valleys with stunning and breathtaking scenery of a mysterious, lost among the canyons, steep cliffs and impenetrable forests.

All this "wild" beauty has the result that in 1950-60-ies was abandoned many agricultural activities, which for hundreds of previous years, these places have dealt with people. Today, the landscape of the Val Grande and its vegetation are of extraordinary richness and diversity. Particularly notable in this respect, river valley, Pagallo, which is the source of a rapid stream San Bernardino right at the peak of Monte Togano (2301 meters).

Forest of Val Grande is mainly mixed deciduous and presented, often, chestnut. In wet areas grow yews, and if you climb higher into the mountains, you can find black and grey alder, spruce, willow, poplar, Austrian oak, ash and countless beeches. Among the flowers have their own beauty stand out Alpine catchments, tulips and white rhododendrons. Roam the forests chamois, deer, ROE deer, foxes, badgers, weasels and Martens, and high in the sky soaring eagles, and owls.

But a vast region of Val Grande important not only for its untouched nature and numerous historical monuments associated with thousands of years of presence in these places man. Here you can see rock paintings, abandoned huts, broken in the rock tunnels for livestock, man-made terraces, and a chapel fit for the transportation of wood and cleaning charcoal, fortifications (the"Cadorna Line") and memorial tablets. In addition, in the southern part of the valley is a quarry, Kandolo, from which for six centuries has produced the marble for the construction of Milan's Duomo.

On the territory of Val Grande there are many expensive, some of which are available to all and the other only for the experienced travelers, Maleski, Rovegro di San Bernardino Verbano, Intragna, Premosello of Chiovenda.