/ / Valley Val di Cecina: photo description (Val di Cecina)

Valley Val di Cecina: photo description (Val di Cecina)

Val di Cecina, located in the southern part of the province of Pisa, is a beautiful valley with the typical Tuscan countryside with their cypress avenues, olive groves and vineyards. The landscapes of the valley are very diverse - clay hills of the most incredible colors here and there Pestryaev naked slopes, and limestone cliffs of the "Calanques", the vast forests and cliffs, sharply contrasting with deep valleys. Breathtaking landscapes, a unique geothermal area with its system of steam ducts and spectacular views of the Balze Volterra. To get acquainted with various aspects of the use of geothermal energy, from exploration to production - in the Museum of the town of Larderello.

The whole territory of Val di Cecina from the lush hills to steep rocky cliffs dotted with ancient and very interesting attractions - churches and monasteries, villas and castles, country estates and little quaint villages.

Reserve Monterufoli is a land of numerous water sources, which since the 14th century, supply water to Pisa with the help of aqueduct, and other artful inventions. The vegetation of the reserve is very diverse: here there are pine forests, which once took materials to build their ships the sailors of Pisa Republic, and 500-year old oaks, to ensure the existence of agriculture.

Today, in Val di Cecina is a very well developed eco-tourism who preach harmony between nature and the local population. You can go on Cycling tours along the winding roads that cross numerous villages on the slopes of Monti Pisani, or take the path along the river Serchio. It is also possible to raft on the boat or raft. Nature lovers will like tours, in which you can observe birds, is particularly well suited to this lake of Santa Luce. But those who wish to delve more deeply into the history of these places, experienced guides will guide in different educational visitor centres.