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Valle Rosandra: photos, description (Val Rosandra)

Valle Rosandra is one of the most picturesque places in the surroundings of Trieste, a favorite of both residents of the city and tourists. It is also one of Europe's most famous places, popular with climbers - it is one of the greatest climbers of all time, Emilio Comici learned their craft.

The 15-kilometer river Rosandra originates in the territory of Slovenia at the altitude of 413 meters above sea level. Then it crosses the Karst plateau, walks around Monte Carso, and flows through the valley and finally empties into the Bay of Muggia. Rendered habitable by people since ancient times, this river has for centuries been dear to the sea, which also made it the site of bloody battles between the inhabitants of Trieste and Mudgie who wanted to have sole control over water flow. Once along the river were Salt road via del Sale used "Mussolini" - donkey caravans on their way from Pesa in ÄŒavle, where is grain and minerals are exchanged for salt and wine. Today it provides the natural reserve "Val Rosandra", is remarkable from the point of view of Geology (wonderful examples of karst caves and flisa), botany, archeology and paleontology (in one of the caves was discovered the remains of cave bear). Interesting and the climate of the territory there is a famous mountain saddle Bora (cold North-East wind), which acts as an acceleration lane for the typical Adriatic winds.

Familiarity with the Val Rosandra it is best to start from the mountain refuge Premuda is very low in Italy. Hence, slightly climbing upward, along the ancient Roman aqueduct of the 1st century is the equipped trail. Tourists can enjoy the harsh landscapes of the Karst plateau and the valley Rosandra with its ponds and waterfall at the end. The trail leads to a fork: to the right takes the more difficult road that leads to the memorial plate Comici and the small Church of Santa Maria in Siaris and to the left is the main road, known as the sentiero del Amicizia (Path of friendship) and leading to Bottazzo, a small village on the border with Slovenia. Until 1934, the year this village was working watermills for grinding grain, the remains of which can still be seen today. Today, Bottazzo is also known for the historic tavern where you can try wonderful goulash with gnocchi dumplings and other culinary delights of the Karst plateau.

Until recently, on the other side of Val Rosandra was a narrow gauge railway, which is now turned into a beautiful bike path, ending in Slovenian Hrpelje.