/ / Valley of Crosia: photos, description (Val Crosia)

Valley of Crosia: photos, description (Val Crosia)

Crosia valley, located near the resort town of Bordighera. You can get into it at so-called Novel, Vecchia - road running among vineyards, olive groves and rose bushes, and then climbing up on the hill of Perinaldo.

The first settlement on the way is the town of San Biagio Della CIMA with a population of only about a thousand people. Its main attraction is the parish Church of Saints Sebastiano and Fabiano, built in 1777, the year, - it holds the ancient wooden statue of St. Sebastian.

A little further on is the village Soldano that attracts attention primarily for its castle. It is also worth seeing the Church of St. John the Baptist from the polyptych by Andrea della cella, and standing next to the chapel of the end of the 16th century.

The altitude of 572 meters above sea level, there lies the town of Perinaldo. It was founded by the inhabitants of the now defunct settlements were Winidea and Incandela, and in the 11th century it became a feudal possession of the counts of Rinaldo of Ventimiglia - hence its name. Today in the surroundings of Perinaldo grow olive trees, grapes and flowers - roses, Mimosa, etc., and produces wine and olive oil.

Just below is another interesting town of Apricale, with a population of about 500 people. It is a picturesque medieval village in the valley of the river Maganzo, the first mention of which refers to the 1016-th year. Here are preserved ancient defensive wall, and she Apricale is one of the most exciting places of Western Liguria.