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Dolceacqua: photo description (Dolceacqua)

Dolceacqua is a small town located a few kilometers from the Mediterranean sea, in the valley of Nervia in the Western part of Liguria. Next to him is the popular seaside resort of Ventimiglia. Old stone house on a narrow cobblestone lanes, beautiful arched bridge over a picturesque river and towering above it all, the castle attracts in Dolceacqua tourists vacationing on the Riviera di Ponente on the bustling Ligurian coast.

Beautiful village Dolceacqua is divided into two parts by the river, Nervia, where there is an arched bridge with a length of 33 meters, built in the 15th century. The surroundings of the bridge - the oldest part of the city known as Terra and is full of monuments of history and architecture. It is especially interesting for tourists. All Terra is located in the small area between the river and the steep hill - here you can see the high old houses, small cozy courtyards, steep alleys and porches, giving the quarter of the authentic look. In the centre of Dolceacqua is home to several art galleries and shops where you can buy the famous local olive oil and wine.

At the foot of mount Rebuffo over Terra, stands the medieval castle with a stern facade and towers at the sides. It has recently been restored. Known as Castello Doria, the castle was built in the 12th century and the 14th has been considerably strengthened and transformed into a very convenient for permanent residence residence. In the 18th century during the War of the Spanish succession the castle was partially destroyed, and "finished off" his earthquake 1887 year. Since then, the castle was abandoned until recently. Today to get to the Castello Doria is through narrow cobbled streets running up the hill among the old houses.

The newer part of Dolceacqua, known as Il Borgo, is on the other side of the river and dates back to the 19th century. Interesting fact - the famous French painter Claude Monet made several trips here to paint views of the castle, the ancient bridge and picturesque medieval houses.

Near Dolceacqua located the popular seaside resort of Ventimiglia with its famous Villa Hanbury and its splendid Park, and famous Ghost town of Bussana Vecchia.