/ / House Carducci: photo description Casa Carducci)

House Carducci: photo description Casa Carducci)

Carducci house is a Museum located in a house once owned by the family of the famous Italian poet giosuè Carducci, and dedicated to his memory. It is here that unfolded the tragedy of the family - the mysterious death of Dante, the younger brother of the poet. Today, the walls of the Museum, which became a landmark of Bologna regularly hosts exhibitions and various cultural and gastronomic events. In addition, the Museum library, consisting of nearly 40 thousand volumes and manuscripts, an archive of personal belongings Carducci, and an information center specializing in the works of the poet.

A spiral staircase leads from the lobby to the top floor to the apartments Carducci. From the Windows of his room you can see the ring road that runs along the city walls and the small square that bears his name. Next to the house where the poet lived from 1890 to 1907, lies the small, charming garden, decorated with several sculptures. One of the compositions depicts Carducci, admiring nature, while the mythical Faun next plays "eternal Symphony of loneliness, which are full of life." Unfortunately, the figure of the Faun seriously damaged. Another work is a huge triptych, represents the early works of Carducci, from "Juvenilia" to the "Barbarian Odes". Here you can see the Freedom, riding on a dark Bay horse. The author of sculptures made of Carrara marble, was Leonardo Bistolfi. By the way, another attraction of the garden is one of the old city walls of Bologna, to which it adjoins.

Soon after the poet's death in 1907, Queen Margaret gave this house and the adjacent garden of Bologna and its inhabitants with the condition that there will be a Museum of memory, the most significant poet of Italy of the 19th century and winner of the Nobel prize for literature. Grateful Bolognese has fulfilled the promise - the Carducci Museum was opened in 1921.