/ / Dom Petrarca: photo description Casa di Petrarca)

Dom Petrarca: photo description Casa di Petrarca)

House of Petrarch - one of the most famous tourist attractions of Arezzo. It is fair to say that it is not known whether this house of the 13th century, located on via del Orto No. 28, the house where was born the great Italian. It is known that Petrarch was born in 1304, at Arezzo, as he himself says in his writings. In a letter to Boccaccio he even mentions "the street called del Orto", and in a letter to Giovanni d Arezzo he describes his visit to the house where he was born, on his return from Rome in 1350, the year. Petrarch writes that he came to a small, sheltered from the prying eyes of the street ("Vicus intimus"), which the people were known as del Orto, where he saw the house - a small and very modest, but suitable for the residence of the outcast, as was his father.

In subsequent years, the owner of the house was denied the extension as Aretinsky Republic wanted to keep it in the form in which it was when it lived a great poet. Generally, historians agree on the fact that Petrarch was born in via del Orto, but still, the sport about a particular house. Some of them claim that the house of Petrarch is not located in the end of the street, but rather in its beginning. And in the corner of the house â„–4 was once a small side street that led to the city well, which also could be called "wikus intimus".

In any case, since the beginning of the 19th century great house at number 28 in the Renaissance style, was officially recognized by the House of Petrarch. In 1926-27 the years, it carried out restoration work, during which were discovered elements of the 13th - century arches, the tabernacle, a small window and fragments of the ladder. The building was much smaller and more isolated than the other houses on the street, and the entrance to it was made with a small alley connecting the via del Orto and the via degli Albergotti. Today, entering the House of Petrarch, it is possible to see the interior of the dwelling of the 13th century. Guides immediately indicate the room in which Petrarch was born, and which is now converted into a conference hall. Now the House of Petrarch is a prestigious Academy for Letters, Arts and Science name of the great poet, which was founded in 1788, the year and boasts a huge library of 20 thousand volumes.