/ / The house of the Surgeon: photos, description (Domus del Chirurgo)

The house of the Surgeon: photos, description (Domus del Chirurgo)

"The house Surgeon" is a unique archaeological complex, located in Rimini in Piazza Ferrari. Today, the complex covered a huge glass dome, open to the public. Scientists-archaeologists call it "little Pompeii" in the centre of Rimini. Finds made on site, has gained fame all over the world - here was discovered the oldest surgical instruments are now kept in the City Museum.

"The house Surgeon" was discovered in Piazza Ferrari in 1989-m to year in the course of works on arrangement of the city garden. Immediately began systematic archaeological excavations, which lasted until 2006. As a result, the light was extracted to an area of about 700 sq. m. the Most interesting findings of the complex are the ruins of a residential area in the Northern part, facing the Adriatic sea (at that time it was a kilometer further than it is today). The area was framed by two streets - the Cardo and Decumanus. Later, in Roman times, there was another house, which was called "the House Surgeon". This two-storey house was built in the second half of the 2nd century BC and was destroyed during the fire in the middle of the 3rd century BC Inside it the archaeologists found large fragments of decorated products from plaster, vases, oil lamps, figurines, bronze utensils and a hoard of about 90 coins. One of the rooms was decorated with colorful mosaic depicting Orpheus. This building was discovered with a full set of surgical instruments, as well as mortars, bowls, and measure blood vessels for the preparation of drugs.

Also on site were found traces of a floor covering made from crushed potsherds, remnants of early medieval settlements, the foundations of some buildings of 16-18-th centuries, stone wells and granary, probably refers to the Church of San Patrignano. All of these artifacts, which are today administered by the City Museum, give an idea of the life of Rimini in the last two thousand years.