/ / The Dominican Church: photo, description Chiesa di San Domenico)

The Dominican Church: photo, description Chiesa di San Domenico)

The Dominican Church with its ancient cloister is located about a hundred meters to the West of the city's main square, Piazza Domenicani. The Church, as the name implies, is dedicated to Saint Dominic, and the adjacent building is all that remains of an ancient Dominican monastery, the first mention of which relate to 1272-th year. It was one of the first Gothic buildings in South Tyrol, and the monastery itself has long remained an important spiritual and cultural centre of the region.

After the secularization of 1785, the year the entire monastery complex was significantly changed. Serious damage to buildings was also done during the construction works of the 19th century and during the aerial bombardments of the city during the Second world war. But, fortunately, in the Gothic Church are preserved frescoes of the 14th century, the choir with stucco in the Rococo style and the altarpiece is the work of Guercino the mid-17th century. And the chapel of San Giovanni is entirely painted with frescoes, which are considered a real jewel of Gothic art in Bolzano and in South Tyrol. Traditionally, they are credited with the creation of the school of Giotto (the first half of the 14th century). It is also worth paying attention to works of art in the chapel of Santa Caterina and murals of Frederick Pacer the end of the 15th century the cloister.

Once Piazza Domenicani where today, in addition to the homonymous Church located Academy of music and the municipal art gallery was a center of trade and art in Bolzano in the 14th to 16th centuries. Over time it gradually lost its importance, giving the palm to the square valterplatts.