/ / The house-Museum of Giovanni Verga: a photo, description Casa Museo Giovanni Verga)

The house-Museum of Giovanni Verga: a photo, description Casa Museo Giovanni Verga)

The house-Museum of Giovanni Verga, located in via Anna in Catania, is the house in which lived many years a famous Italian writer Giovanni Verga. Inside, everything remained the same as it was during the writer's lifetime, only a few items of furniture brought from his home in Milan.

Giovanni Verga is known for having created a special literary style called "verismo" or, literally, the realism. He viewed life as a scientist treats an experiment, trying to find the absolute truth. Verga was an innovator not only in how he used literary language, but also in how he described the people of Sicily of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today he is considered one of the most distinguished writers of Europe, along with Flaubert and Zola. His works have been translated into many languages and created various musical and artistic works. So, the great Director Luchino Visconti in 1948, took black and white film "the Earth trembles" based on the famous story of Verga's "Family Malala".

Giovanni Verga was born in the province of Catania in the family of landowners and the true patriots of the Motherland. His parents had a plot of land in the village Vizzini, and it was there that the young Verga began to watch the lives of ordinary peasants and fishermen. In 1869 he went to United Italy to seek his fortune in the literary field. He lived in Florence and Milan where he began his career as a writer. Ten years later, Verga returned to Catania, to family and life, missed for so long. Here he began to write about the things that surrounded him - the sorrows and joys of everyday life of the lower strata of society. And that is what brought him success and recognition. As Verga was Sicilian from Catania, in his stories, it widely used local dialect and innovative techniques, paving the way for the literary modernism of the 20th century.

After the premature death of the writer from a stroke, his house in Catania was turned into a Museum. He stands in the center of the city on the road that connects the street of via Vittorio Emanuele and via Garibaldi. The 19th-century building, which Verga had inherited from her mother, in 1940 it was declared a national monument of Italy. From the main entrance starts on a long ladder that leads to the apartments of the writer. The spacious living room you can see reproductions of manuscripts Verga. In one corner stands a bust of the writer created by the sculptor Bruno, and in a wooden box stored the wax mask of his father, Giovanni Battista Verga Catalano. Perhaps the main room of the house is a library with a table, kept personal belongings Verga. Along the walls are bookcases with more than 2.5 thousands of volumes that belonged to the writer. Small bedroom furnished with a very modest - only a bed, a closet with several costumes, a mirror and two chairs by the fireplace. Everywhere are portraits and photographs of the family Verga.

The admirers of the famous Italian is also worth a trip to the village Vizzini year-round guided tours dedicated to the life and work of the writer.