/ / House Museum Luigi Pirandello: photos, description (Casa di Pirandello)

House Museum Luigi Pirandello: photos, description (Casa di Pirandello)

House Museum Luigi Pirandello is the place situated 4 km South of Agrigento, where in 1867, was born the famous Italian writer and screenwriter. In the middle of a typical rural landscape on a hill, steeply to the sea, lonely is a simple building of the late 17th century, surrounded by olive and oak groves. Ricci Granites, the ancestor of the mother of the writer, bought the house in 1817, and here with his family took refuge during the outbreak in Sicily cholera epidemic. In 1944, an explosion located near the American ammunition dump seriously damaged the structure.

After the death of Luigi Pirandello, his house was declared a national monument in 1952, the government of Sicily, bought the building and turned it into a Museum. Today it is stored manuscripts and other materials related to the life of the writer, - family portraits, photos of the writer and Marta Abba, the actress, with whom he was especially close in recent years, the manuscripts, editions of his stories and plays. Periodically, the Museum hosts temporary exhibitions dedicated to Pirandello. There is a library named after the writer, which gathered about 5 thousand of various documents - letters, drafts of plays and personal belongings. Apartment Pirandello is located on the top floor, they are also open to the public. In this room to watch a short documentary about the life and work of the writer.

The last time Luigi Pirandello was in this house in 1934, two years before his death, but he did not stay there, and only saw him from afar.

You have to walk through the shady alley that leads to a centenary pine tree, under which he loved to sit in the famous Sicilian. Here he wanted to be buried: now a simple stone sign, made by the sculptor Mazzacurati, marks the spot where the urn containing the ashes of the fire.