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Dongo: photo description (Dongo)

Dongo is a small town lying on the North-Western shore of lake Como between Gravedona and Musso at the mouth of the river Albano. Milan 70 km, Como 40 km. It was in Dongo, on 27 April 1945, the year Urbano Lazzaro and other partisans captured Benito Mussolini and several high-ranking Nazi officials while trying to cross the Swiss border.

Today Dongo is a quiet coastal town which has retained a number of interesting attractions. So, it is necessary to explore the majestic Palazzo del Vescovo - Bishop's Palace, built in the 17th century by order of Marquis Cassoni. In 1854, the year it was purchased by the Bishop of Como, Carlo Romano, and half a century later, the Palace became the property of the municipality. Shortly thereafter began the restoration of this Grand monument, funds for which were donated by many residents of Dongo. Today in the Palazzo del Vescovo, which preserved its historical name, is located the City College of music "Alto Lario" and the international Academy piano.

Of religious buildings Dongo may be noted the parish Church of Santo Stefano, the Church of Santa Maria in Martinico and the sanctuary of Madonna delle lacrime sanctuary, near the Franciscan monastery. And, of course, you cannot ignore the Palazzo Manzi, where from 1937, the year houses the city hall. Standing on the main square of Dongo overlooking the lake and the old pier, it was built in the early 19th century for a noble family Policy-Petacci. Inside it is richly decorated with frescoes and stucco.