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Dozza: photos, description (Dozza)

Dozza is a tiny ancient town located on a hill not far from Imola and Bologna between the village of Toscanella and the river Sillaro.

The main historical attraction of Dozzy - old fortress. According to the documents, it was built in the mid 13th century. Then, during a conflict with Bologna, the fortress was destroyed and later, in 1310, the year, recovered by Romeo Pepoli. Reconstruction of the fortress took place in one of the most terrible periods in the history of Bologna, when the city desperately needed money to rebuild its infrastructure and the city's fortifications destroyed during the war with Ferrara and constantly suffering from regular floods.

At that time in the early 14th century Bologna was experiencing a severe crisis, and the local peasants were forced to leave their homes and land, to leave the village and go in search of a better life, not to die of hunger. To exit from this situation, Bologna appealed to Romeo Pepoli - the local banker and the usurer, the former is almost a full-fledged master of the city, and perhaps the richest man in Italy. This moment was a turning point in the history of the recovery of Bologna. Thanks to Romeo Pepoli, in particular, was rebuilt castles Nonantola and from crevalcore to guard the borders of the city. At the same time and lock Dozzy appeared in the list of favored structures. Later, in 1494, the year, the castle-fortress of Dozza was again restored by the Florentine architect Giorgio Marchesi by the order of Catherine Sforza.

Today in the fortress of Dozza is a regional winery. Scenic suspension bridge you can get to the small patio, which leads to a larger courtyard with a porch in the Renaissance style and the arched loggia on the elegant columns that give the fortress of a real estate Renaissance. Halls of the fortress are decorated with paintings, including portraits of family members, Malvezzi.

Another attraction of Dozzy are numerous paintings that adorn the facades of city buildings and giving them an unusual appearance. The city hosts the biennial of painted wall - one of the most important cultural events of the region in which participate artists from around the world.

Since ancient times, Dozza is also famous for its fertile soils and wines, and today in the castle you can try some local wines.