/ / Episcopal area: photos, description (Piazza Vescovado)

Episcopal area: photos, description (Piazza Vescovado)

Piazza Vescovado - Bishop's square - one of the main attractions of the resort town of Caorle. She was recently restored, and today, according to residents, the best Caorle reflects the transition from the second to the third Millennium. The area has always been and remains not only an important religious place, but the real center of the Roman and Venetian Caprulae (as in ancient times was called Caorle).

In Piazza Vescovado facing two major attractions - the Cathedral and its unique cylindrical bell tower. Opposite the facade of the Cathedral dedicated to Saint Stephen the patron Saint of Caorle, you can see the multi-colored marble flooring which reflected the location of the ancient baptistery of the Madonna delle Grazie, demolished in the 18th century.

Behind the Cathedral begins a long wall that surrounds the Bishop's residence - the Palazzo, built in the 16th century by order of Pietro Carlo. The Palace is connected with the cloister of the Church, which deserve special attention the ancient frescoes. There, in the center of the garden, it is possible to see Roman "Vera da Pozzo" - type of structure with the tank, circulated in Venice.

Another important building in Piazza Vescovado is the City center, built in the first half of the 20th century and recently restored. Nearby is the headquarters of Ministerstva Finance and ancient Palazzo Pretorio. Behind the Cathedral is the street of via della Canonica, which connects to the via della Sakata and goes towards the old Napoleonic cemetery.