/ / The castle of Arco: photo description (Castello di Arco)

The castle of Arco: photo description (Castello di Arco)

The castle of Arco, is located in the eponymous town on the shores of lake Garda, is not a castle, but just ruins of an ancient fortress. The exact date of its construction is unknown, but historians believe that in the 11th century a castle existed.

The area around the castle was inhabited in the Middle ages there was founded the village of Arco. Perhaps residents of the village and built a fortress on top of a cliff. Only later it became the property of the noble family of the counts of Arco. Many times lock tried to destroy, especially "tried" the Republic of Venice. In 1495 it was drawn by the great German artist Albrecht dürer, and thus today we can see how the castle looked like in those days.

After the French siege of 1703 the Arco castle was abandoned. For some time he even served as a stone quarry - the villagers dismantled it in parts and built their own houses. Only in our time, in the 1980-ies, the castle was purchased by the municipality, and within its walls began a thorough restoration, in which were found numerous frescoes of the 14th century depicting knights and court ladies of the middle ages. The well-preserved paintings you can see scenes of hunting, playing chess, St. George defeated the dragon, the inauguration of a knight and lady, twine a wreath of roses.