/ / The Gamba castle: photos, description Castello baron Gamba)

The Gamba castle: photos, description Castello baron Gamba)

The Gamba castle, currently under restoration, from a historical point of view is the "youngest" of the three locks of the commune of Chatillon, in the Italian region of Val d'aosta. Two other Castello dei Passerin d Andrew and Castello di Ussel was built in the middle Ages. Castello Gamba was built in the 20th century. It stands on a small hill in the Western part of the city in the village of Creux de Breuil and entirely surrounded by a public Park, open to the public all year round. The castle itself is visible from the A5 motorway and to the South side hangs over the river Dora Baltea.

Castello Gamba, built in a simple, even austere style, is a compact 4-storey building is almost square in shape with a Central square tower. At the side of the castle stands another building - the service, which stretched North of two parallel hulls connected by a small courtyard. The castle was built in 1911 by the project of engineer Carlo Saroldi for Baron Charles Maurice Gamba, wife Angelica d Andrew, daughter of count Christian d Andrew. In the Park of Castello Gamba in June of 2008 took place last Italian concert of Bob Dylan, which was attended by over 4 thousand people.

Today, Castello Gamba closed for restoration. Soon there will open a Regional centre for contemporary art and the castle will become an exhibition area and venue of cultural events. It is assumed that its walls will house the regional Pinakothek with 150 contemporary works of art that have been selected for this purpose.

Deserves attention and the Park surrounding the castle with a size of about 7 ha - paved paths, benches and there is even a wooden fountain. Attraction of the Park are three huge tree - Sequoia, planted in 1888, the year and has 37 meters high, 2.3 meters in diameter and circumference of 7.2 meters, century-old honey locust ordinary height of 22 m and horse chestnut in the Western part of the Park.