/ / The castle of Brescia: photo description (Castello di Brescia)

The castle of Brescia: photo description (Castello di Brescia)

Brescia castle stands majestically on top of a hill, Colle Cidneo has long been its territory is one of the largest public parks in the city. The castle itself is considered one of the most interesting fortified complexes in Italy and, of course, is an important tourist attraction of Brescia. Within its walls and the surrounding land preserved the traces of many historical periods.

The Central donjon of the castle, with impressive walls with embrasures and the tower was erected during the reign of the powerful Visconti clan, the massive ramparts and monumental entrance gate with a drawbridge, is living witness to the domination of the Venetian Republic, in which Brescia was for over four centuries.

Once the lock was one of the main characters of the famous ten-day uprising in Milan - "Dieci Giornate", which took place in the mid-19th century. However, today will not find traces of its former military glory - instead, numerous visitors are encouraged to walk quietly through the ancient rooms and the slopes of the Colle, Cidneo. To get here, to the top of the hill from the historical centre of Brescia - Piazzetta Tito Speri through the Contrada Sant'urbano.

The castle itself is full of mysteries and secrets, it is still possible to find secret rooms, and the surrounding area there are several Hiking trails that offer great views of the whole of Brescia, the surrounding hills and valleys. The ancient defensive towers and the so-called "Strada del Soccorso" is the road to the retreat of the era of the Visconti had taken part in many sieges, who knew the city. Walking and Hiking trails, you can admire the balanced eclecticism of the castle, to discover the oldest and most appreciated in Brescia vineyards, to see the fragments of Roman buildings, among them - the old vats for storing olive oil, medieval bastions and the locomotive 1909 year, "Prigioniera del Falco d'italia", which is a favorite attraction for young tourists.