/ / The castle of Gaeta: photo, description Castello di Gaeta)

The castle of Gaeta: photo, description Castello di Gaeta)

The castle of Gaeta stands on a rocky promontory in Gaeta on the shore Guitarsolo Bay, 120 km from Rome. Gaeta played an important role in the military history of Italy: the Foundation of the city and the construction of its first fortifications belongs to the era of Ancient Rome, and in the 15th century fortifications of the city were greatly expanded and strengthened. In its long history the castle, spread over an area of 14 thousand sq. m., has also been rebuilt and modified.

The exact date of construction of Castello di Gaeta unknown, but according to some historians, it could be built in the 6th century during the Gothic wars, or later in the 7th century to protect the city from invasion of the Lombards, which in those years was periodically flooded coastal areas of Lazio and Campania. The first documentary mentioned in 1233, the year when Emperor Frederick II of the Hohenstaufen dynasty ordered to strengthen the structure. He stopped several times in the castle.

The current Castello di Gaeta consists of two different buildings. His Anjou is located in the lower part of the castle dates back to the reign of the Angevin dynasty. The Aragonese part is at the top - it was built by order of Emperor Charles V together with the other fortifications. The construction of these fortifications have made Gaeta one of the most fortified cities of Central Italy.

Until recently, the Angevin part of the Castello di Gaeta served as a military prison and today it belongs to the municipality of the city and is used for holding various exhibitions and conferences. Under the dome its highest tower is the Royal chapel built in 1849 by order of Ferdinand II. In the Aragonese part now houses a Navigation school.