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Castello D'albertis - Ethnographic Museum: photos, description (Castello D'albertis)

Castle D'albertis was once owned by captain Enrico Alberto D'albertis, and after his death in 1932, was donated to the people of Genoa. Today this building, which is of great historical and cultural value, is located the Museum of world cultures.

Enrico D'albertis (1846 - 1932) served in the Royal Italian Navy, then in the merchant Navy, and in 1879 he created the first Italian yacht club and decided to devote himself to yachting. He went through the route of Christopher Columbus, take a trip to San Salvador in two boats with hand-made navigation tools - exactly the same as used by the great Navigator. In addition, D'albertis three times circled the globe, sailed around Africa and organized archaeological excavations together with Arturo IJssel, the eminent Italian geologist, palaeontologist and archaeologist. In General, was a very outstanding person.

His castle, which was built from 1886 to 1892 on the site of the city walls of the 16th century, D'albertis designed in the Gothic revival style. Construction was supervised by the architect Alfredo D ' Andrade. It was the first Villa in the form of a castle built in Genoa. I must say that D'albertis, not only destroyed the remnants of the former buildings, but, on the contrary, saved them and today in the castle you can see ruins of the ancient bastions and one of the towers. From Monte hill, Galletto, on which stands the Castello D'albertis, offers wonderful views of the town and the Ligurian sea.

In 2004, the walls of the castle was a Museum of the cultures of the world, because in that year, Genoa was chosen cultural capital of Europe. In the collections of the Museum one can see items from the indigenous peoples of Africa, America and Oceania, including the disappeared. Some of the exhibits were personally collected by D'albertis during his many travels. In the annexe to the castle is a Museum of world music.