/ / The Castello Agolanti: photos, description Castello Agolanti)

The Castello Agolanti: photos, description Castello Agolanti)

The Castello Agolanti once belonged to the powerful family of Agolanti, who ruled in the resort town of Riccione. Some historians believe that Agolanti were expelled from Florence and settled in Riccione, of about 1260, the year.

The castle stands on a hill outside the city. When Agolanti was at the height of his fame, in their luxury residence stayed many members of the Royal family and a noble guests, among whom were, for example, Queen Christina of Sweden. She was here in 1657, the year during his trip to Rome. The members of the family Agolanti held important posts in Riccione and had connections with other rulers, including the famous Sigismund Malatesta. In the city they had several palaces, and the castle they used as a place of rest. With its high walls Agolanti could control a vast area of farmland.

At the beginning of the 18th century Castello Agolanti became the property of another family, and in 1786, the year was severely damaged in the earthquake. Its walls are partly collapsed and the building itself for a long time after that was used as a farmhouse. In 1982, the year the castle was bought by the municipality of Riccione, on whose initiative it was carried out major restoration work. Was also ennobled the area around the Castello Agolanti. Today it is one of the main attractions of Riccione and is open for tourists and attracts incredibly beautiful views of the Adriatic coast, opening from the walls of the castle. In addition, the castle was created by a kind of Association of scouts who study the history of the Castello Agolanti, tours and put small plays on the stage of the castle.