/ / The Castello Visconteo di Pandino: photos, description (Castello Visconteo di Pandino)

The Castello Visconteo di Pandino: photos, description (Castello Visconteo di Pandino)

Castello Visconteo di Pandino - Gothic castle in the town centre Pendino in the province of Cremona. In 1355, the year Bernabo Visconti, ruler of Milan, commissioned to build a castle in the place where you can get to the forested hunting grounds. But soon the castle came into the possession of the family of Sforza, when Gian Galeazzo deposed Bernabo. In the 15th century the castle was built for more defensive items such as the Barbican fortification, intended for additional protection of the entrance, as well as the high Eastern tower. In addition, the castle was surrounded by a moat. Alas, none of these measures helped to protect the citadel from the Venetians, who occupied it several times over the centuries.

In 1522, the year Castello Visconteo became the property of Marquis D'adda, who owned the castle until the 19th century. Over time, the castle began to decline, and for some time it housed a warehouse for storing agricultural implements. In 1947, the year of the Castello Visconteo was bought by the administration of the commune, which restored the castle for use in educational purposes.

Castello Visconteo is a square with side towers at the corners and a patio. A covered arched gallery on the first floor is notable for the strong brick columns and pointed arches. The same column is located on the second floor. Ground floor Windows are simple, while on the second floor arched Windows are visible. In the East wing of the first floor has a second series of internal arches leading into the former ballroom. In General, the lock has a simple, somewhat rustic appearance.

The interiors of the Castello Visconteo of the fragments of ancient frescoes and friezes with the symbols of the Visconti family and the family Bernabo wife, Regina Della Scala. Opposite the entrance is decorated with frescoes the chapel of Oratorio di Santa Maria.