/ / The Castello dei Suardo: photos, description (Castello dei Suardo)

The Castello dei Suardo: photos, description (Castello dei Suardo)

The Castello dei Suardo standing at the foot of the hill in the center of town, Bianzano in the province of Bergamo, overlooking the Val Cavallina. He was never an aristocratic residence and was used as storage for products, and also as a refuge for pilgrims, merchants and various dealers. This is evidenced by the structure of the castle - its second and third floors, both quite modest, only four mullioned Windows with two doors and a long connecting rooms valley side.

The whole complex of the Castello dei Suardo fortified with strong walls, perfect rectangular shape, the corners of which are oriented to the cardinal. Above the castle rises the 25-meter tower placed in the center at the entrance - it is made of square stones brought from nearby mountains, and still impresses with its grandeur. By the way, the material of which the tower is built, frost - proof.

The building of the castle separated by a light-brown stone of Sarnico in two parts: the bottom is lined with stone blocks of enormous size. The portal in the Gothic style with pointed arch and a family coat of arms above it. It is protected with a double line of walls. Number of preserved ramparts and a drawbridge with two guard dungeon. The dungeon was intended to protect the castle from attack from the Val Cavallina. On one corner of the Castello dei Suardo can still be seen elements of Ghibelline walls with loopholes.

Hall of the castle, paved with pebbles, noteworthy is a cylindrical vault, which is painted in bright colors by the master's hand. Here are depicted playing cupids, garlands of flowers, a characteristic style of 13-14-th centuries, as well as allegorical images of the four virtues. The coat of arms of the family of Suardo placed above the main entrance to the castle, depicts a ferocious lion and an eagle with prey in its talons.

Castello dei Suardo has a good degree of safety to structures built in the 13-14-th centuries. Summer in the town of Bianzano held historical festival, during which all courtyards, balconies and streets are decorated with flowers, and wandering around dressed in ancient costumes of the characters that return travelers to the distant past.