/ / The Castello della Dragonara: photos, description (Castello della Dragonara)

The Castello della Dragonara: photos, description (Castello della Dragonara)

The Castello della Dragonara is one of the popular tourist attractions of the resort town of Camogli, located on the Riviera di Levante. This fortification stands on via Isola. According to some historical documents, the construction of the castle dates from the first half of the 13th century, however, reliable information about the exact date of its construction is not to this day.

The first Castello della Dragonara, which probably had a smaller size, was used as an excellent observation post and fortification - he was standing guard over the fishing village and the part of the Gulf of Paradiso, which lies opposite the cliff. In addition, the castle, the inhabitants of Camogli chose their representatives in government, and could hide inside in case of an unexpected attack by pirates.

In the second half of the 14th century Castello della Dragonara for better protection of the inhabitants of fishing villages were seriously fortified - the necessary equipment was received from the Senate the Genoese Republic. In the same century, the castle repelled several attacks, although it was partially destroyed, first from Gian Galeazzo Visconti, and then, in 1366, the year, from nicolò Fieschi.

Between 1428 and 1430, the years the castle was expanded and re-fortified, this time with the help of residents of Camogli, in particular, was built a lookout tower. Despite this, in 1438, the year the structure was subjected to a siege by troops of the Duchy of Milan and part of its walls were dismantled. A few years later the inhabitants of Camogli rebuilt new walls, while the money for construction was collected in what is called the world.

After ten years, in 1448, the year, the tension in relations between Camogli, a neighboring Recco and Genoa began to increase, and the government of the Republic of Genoa demanded to demolish the Castello della Dragonara. The castle was destroyed, but only after 6 years was elevated again, and again by the residents of the city, and handed over to the ruler of the Republic.

In the 16th century Castello della Dragonara lost their defensive functions and was used as a prison. In 1970-ies, after several decades of neglect, the castle was restored and opened to the public. On site is an aquarium with a typical Gulf of Paradiso kinds of fish and shellfish.