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The Castello del Boccale: photos, description Castello del Boccale)

Castello del Boccale - a big castle in Livorno, located in the South quarter of Antignano on the coastal road leading to Quercianella. Its name was given due to the fact that the local coast is known as Baccala (Pitcher) or Cala dei Pirati (Bay of pirates).

The core of the current Castello del Boccale was the observation tower, built by order of the Medici in the 16th century, possibly on the ruins of more ancient buildings of the Pisa Republic. In the tower lived the caretaker and a few soldiers, but it absolutely was not space to accommodate artillery.

At the end of the 19th century the tower became the property of the Marquise Eleonora Ugolini and was "entered" into the residence in a medieval style with lots of teeth. Subsequently, the castle passed to the family of Whitaker-Ingham, which in the early 20th century removed the teeth, replacing them with a regular sloping roof. Recently, the Castello del Boccale was restored and divided into several apartments. And the surrounding Park was restored small tower, which houses the warehouse. Nearby are Castello Sonnino and the tower Torre di Calafuria.

Castello del Boccale consists of the main building is rectangular in shape, surrounded by three small round turrets. The nearest to the sea the facade rises an ancient tower with Windows.