/ / The Castello di Arechi: photos, description (Castello di Arechi)

The Castello di Arechi: photos, description (Castello di Arechi)

The Castello di Arechi is situated in a strategic location - on top of the mountain Monte Bondi at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level in the resort town of Salerno. From the terrace of the castle offers a wonderful view down to the city and the entire Gulf of Salerno. Recently, the massive building is the Castello di Arechi was restored and today it houses a historical Museum with a collection of medieval weapons, ancient ceramics, coins and glass artifacts discovered here. It also held conferences, exhibitions and other cultural events. The Congress hall of the castle, equipped with the latest technology, can accommodate up to a hundred people.

Its name was given in honor of the ruler of the Lombard Arechi II, who in the 8th century built along the shore of the Bay an extensive defensive system. The castle was part of it - it was built on the site of the ancient walls of pre-existing fortifications, dated to the Roman and Byzantine periods. Castello di Arechi was never conquered in the course of the battle, however, the last Lombard ruler of Salerno Guzul II in the 11th century it passed to the Normans after a long siege. The Normans and after them the representatives of the Angevin and the Aragonese dynasty and was rebuilt several times the castle. And after that, with the advent of firearms, the defensive system was changed, the castle lost its importance and began to decline.

In the mid-20th century, as a result, after the infamous flood in Salerno in 1954 year, the Castello di Arechi was severely damaged. In those same years, was the first restoration of the building. Today the castle is the Central building, surrounded by several towers that are connected by high walls. Near the castle you can see the Torre Bastiglia - observation tower, supposedly built in the 12th century. From this tower offers the best views of Castello di Arechi and the Amalfi coast.