/ / The Castello di Verres: photo, description Castello di Verres)

The Castello di Verres: photo, description Castello di Verres)

The Castello di Verres - fortification in the eponymous town in the Italian region of Val d'aosta. This is one of the most impressive medieval buildings throughout the valley. Every year the castle hosts the historical carnival of Verrès are dedicated to the memory of the legendary Countess Katarina de Challans, and count Pierre d Introd.

According to the inscription on the wall of the Castello di Verres the castle's construction was completed in 1390, during the reign of the counts of Challans. In 1536, the year here at the initiative of rené de Challans were restored, in which a castle for defensive purposes was fitted with embrasures, buttresses, and special turrets for mounting guns. But in 1565, the year after Renee's death, which did not leave heirs, the castle was bought by the Savoy family.

One hundred years later, in the second half of the 17th century by order of Duke Charles Emmanuel II of all the weapons and uniforms of the Castello di Verres was moved to the strong Fort of Bard, which occupied a strategically important position. A few years later the family Challans were able to return the castle to his property, where he remained until the 19th century. In 1896, the year it was bought by the Italian government and handed over administration of the Autonomous region of Val d'aosta. At the same time a fortification was declared a national monument.

Today, Castello di Verres is a huge tower cubic form with each side equal to 30 metres. She served for defensive purposes, and as a living space. The tower has 3 floors in height, and you can get inside the ladder. The castle towers over the river Evanson on a rocky cliff, which also has views down to the town and the countryside. The nature of the Castello di Verres, the first thing you should pay attention to the above-mentioned staircase, stone arches, huge fireplace and decorative pillars.