/ / The Castello di Vincigliata: photos, description (Castello di Vincigliata)

The Castello di Vincigliata: photos, description (Castello di Vincigliata)

Castello di Vincigliata - medieval castle standing on the rocky cliff to the East of Fiesole, Tuscany. In the middle of the 19th century the building was in a dilapidated condition, was acquired by the Englishman John Leader, which is reconstructed in the feudal style. In 1941-1943-years, the castle served as a military prison, which contained high-ranking officers of the British army and armies of allies.

Castle of the 13th century stands on a high cliff to the North of Florence, near Fiesole. He was once the fortress of the family Visdomini, a noble Florentine family, leading its history since the 11th century. After they lock several times passed from hand to hand until was owned by Niccolo degli Albizzi his descendants owned the castle for three centuries. Despite numerous owners, the building gradually fell into decay, and the beginning of the 19th century was in ruins. However, the ruins are very attracted writers and artists, who have chosen this place in the heyday of romanticism.

In 1840-ies in Florence came John temple leader, a young English politician, suddenly left a career in Parliament and moved to the continent. In Tuscany, he bought the Villa di Maiano (Fiesole), where was able to unite a large community of immigrants from Britain. Then he accidentally saw the picturesque ruins of Castello di Vincigliata, who fell in love at first sight. The leader decided in that whatever was to restore the castle - it took him 15 years. With the help of a young architect, Giuseppe Fancelli, he managed to reconstruct the castle in neo-Gothic style and give it the romantic image of the feudal fortress. The leader also purchased more than 700 acres of the surrounding lands and began restoration and development. These lands were later arranged a garden, Bosco di Vincigliata with cypress avenues, pine groves and a variety of shrubs.

During the Second world war, the castle of Castello di Vincigliata was requisitioned by the Italian government and converted into a prison P. G. 12 for the detention of senior military officers. Within its walls at the same time could be up to 25 prisoners.

Today the Castello di Vincigliata open for various events, including weddings, gala dinners and concerts. The estate has its own winery, which make exclusive wines "Sangiovese", "Canaiolo" and "Colorino".