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The Castello di Carimate: pictures, description Castello di Carimate)

Castello di Carimate is a castle of the 14th century, standing on the Piazza Castello in the town of Carimate. Historical Chronicles say, that in 1345, the year Luchino I Visconti ordered to reconstruct stood the citadel destroyed during the conflict between Como and Milan. In the late 14th - early 15th centuries, the castle passed from hand to hand between members of the Visconti family, while in 1415, the year was presented to Domenico Aicardi, the chief of the stables of the Visconti, in gratitude for exposing the conspiracy. In 1481, the year the castle was somewhat modified.

Among the famous guests of the castle was Bianca Maria Sforza, daughter of the Duke of Milan EN route in 1493, the year with a motorcade to Germany to become the wife of Maximilian I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The Emperor himself was also staying at the castle in the late 15th century.

In the 17-19 th centuries, the Castello di Carimate again changed hands several times, one of which was Bernardo Arnaboldi Gazzaniga, in 1874, the year started the reconstruction. On the preserved images of those years is visible to its huge collection of paintings, tapestries and other works of art.

Today the Castello di Carimate is a huge square building in the Gothic style with a courtyard in the center. At the entrance are traces of gersy lowering of the lattice to the fortress gate and suspension bridge. In the South-Western corner of the castle stands a brick tower, separated from the main building. Stand out arched Windows of the second floor, the notched roof and part of the fence with the teeth facing in the direction of the city. On the North side is visible as a raised terrace. Inside are preserved Gothic scenery and decoration of the ceiling vaults of the 19th century.

The castle is just a 30-minute drive from Milan. Today it is used as a hotel with 50 rooms and a Spa complex. Nearby restaurant and Golf club.