/ / The Castello di Miramar: photo description (Castello di Miramare)

The Castello di Miramar: photo description (Castello di Miramare)

Castello di Miramare castle is a 19th-century near Trieste, standing on the shores of the Gulf. The castle was built in 1856-1860-m with the Carl Juncker for Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian and his wife Charlotte of Belgium (later to become the Emperor of Mexico Maximilian I and Empress Charlotte). Part of the estate along with the castle include the rock and the shore Park area of 22 hectares, designed by the Archduke.

According to legend, when Maximilian was once caught in a fierce storm in the Gulf of Trieste, he found shelter in a small Bay of Grignano, and it was there that he had noticed a rocky ledge for the construction of the castle. The whole Imperial complex was called Miramar, after the Portuguese residence of the Saxon Prince Ferdinand. On the project of the castle had Austrian architect Carl Junker and interior finishes and decorations were engaged in the craftsman Franz Hofmann and his son Julius. Alas, finally the castle was finished only after the departure of Maximilian in Mexico, where he was appointed Emperor in 1864, the year and killed three years later.

On the ground floor of Castello di Miramare, designed for personal needs of the Archduke and his wife, is to examine the bedroom and the office of the host, decorated in the style of the officers ' wardroom of the frigate "Novara" - military ship on which Maximilian served as commander in chief of the Austrian Navy. Rooms Charlotte tapestries of pale blue silk. All the rooms of the castle with original furniture, decorations, furnishings of the mid-19th century. On the second floor deserve the attention of the Throne room, a room for receiving guests and Chinese and Japanese living rooms with Oriental interiors. We should also say about the room, decorated with paintings by Cesare Dell'acqua depicting events from the life history of Maximilian and Miramare. Today a visit to the Castello di Miramare is a great way to experience the atmosphere of mid - 19th century, in virtually untouched surroundings of the Imperial Palace.

Near the main castle has Castellet - a small residence that faces the sea, and on the other side surrounded by trees and greenhouses with a fountain. Inside you can see rooms decorated in Turkish and German styles and is decorated with numerous paintings, ornaments and pieces of furniture. In Castelleto lived returning from Mexico Charlotte, which by that time had struck a nervous breakdown, which led eventually to the development of schizophrenia. Until his death in 1927, the year Charlotte was living under the supervision of doctors and never found out that her husband was shot in Mexico.

Attraction in Castello di Miramare is a large Park spread over an area of 22 hectares. It occupies a rocky promontory overlooking the Adriatic sea. Park, work on which began in 1856, the year, is a mixture of typical Northern and Mediterranean flora species. In addition, here you can find cedars of Lebanon, North African and the Himalayan plants, Spanish fir, the California and Mexican cypress trees, numerous species from Asia and America, as well as giant sequoias and Ginkgo biloba. The Park contains the ruins of a small chapel San Canciano and a small house, which today is a café. In the summer, the Park hosts theatre performances.