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The Castello di Montegiordano: photos, description Castello di Montegiordano)

The Castello di Montegiordano rises in the town of piano delle rose above the popular seaside resort of Marina di Montegiordano. It was built in the 17th century to the Pignon carretto as winter and hunting residence. Centered around a beautiful courtyard, paved with gravel, there are several buildings which had once housed stables and warehouses. In the center of the courtyard you can see a well. Staircase with a semicircular arch leads to the interior of the castle. A little apart from the castle is the former ancestral chapel of the Madonna del Carmine. This abandoned and dilapidated chapel was built in the last century instead of another, older, which, in turn, also replaced the ancient chapel. These adjustment was due to the constant shedding of the land, with the result that the current of the Madonna del Carmine is much further North from the castle, than the original structure.

According to some archeologists in the town of piano delle rose had once stood the monastery of Santa Ananias and castle Peter CECI, which are marked on the map 1015-year. Both buildings belonged to the Church of San Pietro di Bragalia located at with links. In one of the historical documents say about the transfer of the above-mentioned castle to the Abbot of the monastery of Santa Ananias, in the event of attacks by the Saracen pirates that raged off the coast of the Ionian sea in the 10th-11th centuries, the local population and the monks could take refuge in it. This, incidentally, suggests that in piano delle rose is already in the 11th century there was a settlement. It turns out that this castle of the 17th century was built on the site of an older fortress. In his chronicle of the 17th century, Giorgio Toscano mentions the castle, which was once fortified and equipped with weapons and about the same of power which now resemble a collapsed wall. In another treatise, Toscano says about the castle as residence piñón carretto, who conducted it a few months out of the year and had a good time hunting.