/ / The Castello di Poppi: photo description (Castello di Poppi)

The Castello di Poppi: photo description (Castello di Poppi)

Castello di Poppi, also known as Castello dei Conti Guidi, a medieval castle in the town of Poppi in the Italian region of Tuscany. The former residence of the noble family of Conti Guidi, which once owned many castles in the region.

The first written mention of the Castello di Poppi is found in 1169, when it belonged to the Abbey of San Fedele de Stroomi. At the end of the 12th century the castle becomes the property of the family of Conti Guidi. Over 350 years of Conti Guidi controlled the entire valley of the Casentino, in the hills where there were other castles, including the Castello di Romena and Castello di Porciano.

Despite the fact that references to the castle are found only in the 12th century, its construction began much earlier. He was probably erected on the foundations of preexisting buildings. In the second half of the 13th century was built by the surviving tower and the donjon on the left. It is believed that the architect of the castle was Arnolfo di Cambio, who later used the Castello di Poppi as a prototype for the Florentine Palazzo Vecchio. Both buildings really look like, given that the tower poppy initially was still mashikuli - mounted loopholes. Later the castle was built another tower, which has become a residence, but a prison in the basement. And at the end of the 13th century by order of count Simone Guidi was made arched Windows, giving the facade a more elegant look.

Later in the Castello di Poppi was a patio in 1470 there was a wonderful stone staircase, the walls of which "covered" a family coat of arms of the Florentine families that ruled poppy in the 15-16 centuries. From the patio you can get to the chapel, painted with frescoes of Taddeo Gaddy, a disciple of Giotto. In the 19th century in the tower, Castello di Poppi was struck by lightning and the structure was significantly damaged. During the reconstruction it acquired its present appearance.

In its history, the Castello di Poppi participated in the battles. The first occurred in June 1289, during the wars of Guelphs and Ghibellines, say, in the battle of Campaldino 24-year-old Dante. The second battle took place in 1440, the year when members of the family, Guidi lost it, is put an end to the rule of the family in the Casentino, Poppi and until 1860, the year remained under the rule of Florence.