/ / The Castello di Sarmato: photos, description Castello di Sarmato)

The Castello di Sarmato: photos, description Castello di Sarmato)

Castello di Sarmato - old castle, located in the eponymous town, 16 km from Piacenza. Open to the public from late March to late October.

Large estate represented the actual lock, above which rises the Central tower, a small fortress "Rocchetta" and two corner towers with moats, preserved from the ancient settlement that was once surrounded by walls. Tourists discovered the vestibule, main hall, bedrooms, several furnished rooms, and a library with documents of the 12th century. You can also see the gardens. The current owners of the castle of the counts Zanardi Landi.

Castello di Sarmato originates in ancient times, when in Italy along with the Lombards arrived Sarmatian tribes from the territory of modern Russia. Here they founded the colony. The first documentary mention of the castle Dating back in 1216, the year - in that year the troops of Piacenza and Milan have met here to declare war on our common enemy, Pavia. This castle along with the Castello di San Giovanni and castle Borgonovo was one of the most important military outposts built Feltham to protect the Tidone valley from the attacks of the Ghibellines of Pavia.

In 1270, the year the castle, which then belonged to the family of Pallastrelli, was attacked and severely damaged army Umberto Landi, ruler of Bardi. In 1376, the year the ruler of Milan, Galeazzo Visconti gave the castle to the nobleman Bartolomeo Sicklelike. Later, Castello di Sarmato has several times changed owners, families prinadlejal Scotty and Arcelli of the valley of the Tidone. Scotty owned it from the mid-15th century until 1819, the year when the castle passed to the counts Zanardi Landi. They now own it.

Tourists can visit Castello di Sarmato, paying special attention to the facades of the castle, furnished Lounges, big dance hall, the old bedrooms and the so-called "Hall dei filosofi", construction of which was attributed to Bonifacio Bembo. Certainly worth a walk and in the garden.