/ / The Castello di Formigine: photo, description Castello di Formigine)

The Castello di Formigine: photo, description Castello di Formigine)

Castello di Formigine is one of the landmarks of the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, located in the village of Formigine near Modena. In the 10th century on the place where today stands a beautiful castle, stood a small Church, probably dedicated to Saint Bartholomew. In 1201, the year the troops of Modena was defeated at the battle of Modena, and was therefore taken the decision to strengthen all areas. In the middle of the 13th century existed here, the village was transferred outside the fortified area, and themselves defensive structures have been improved. Later, in 1405, the year when the castle became the property of the PIO family, the rulers of Carpi, it acquired its present appearance - next to the old building was erected by an aristocratic residence, known as Palazzo Marchesato. In 1599, the year the castle came into the possession of the family d'este, which, in turn, gave it to the family Calcagnini in 1648, the year. During the Second World war, the Castello di Formigine, as well as the whole village was severely damaged by air raids, but immediately after the war it was bought by the City Council and restored.

Today in the oldest part of the castle there are the Museum and archival center - visitors can take a fascinating journey through time from the 10th century to our days. Here you can see the interactive multimedia installations created StudioAzzurro" Milanese cultural organization, and also to get acquainted with the historical and archeological discoveries of the University of Venice CA' Foscari.

Special mention deserves the Palazzo Marchesato. Once it was the main building, which had housed the ruling family, and today is his first visitors see of the castle. Information center introduces tourists to the history of the territory and different parts of the castle. On the second floor of the Palazzo are departmental agencies - the Chamber of meetings of the City Council, a wedding Hall, and several large halls used for exhibitions, conferences and other events.

The Park area around the castle occupies an area of 4 thousand sq. m. here you can enjoy a stroll among the lush greenery on the background of ancient buildings. From the observation deck, adjacent to the old castle, you can see the archaeological area with the ruins of the ancient monastery of St. Bartholomew, as well as the bell tower and several tombs.