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The Castello Skit: photos, description Castello Schiso)

The Castello Skit is a fortress of the 16th century, located at Cape Skit in the town of Giardini Naxos in Sicily. The first castle on this place, which offers wonderful views of the Bay of Naxos, was built in 13-14 centuries. Later, in the 16th century, it was rebuilt - added observation tower to patrol the coast and to alert local residents about the approaching Berber pirates, which in those years often ravaged the surrounding villages.

Castello Skit stands on a small hill formed by volcanic rock. Its name comes from the Arabic word "al-kusus", which means the bust or chest. Edrisi, geographer Roger II, in 1154, described al-Kusus as a commercial port, which exported agricultural products and was a transit point on the way from Messina to Catania. From a medieval castle to have survived two cylindrical towers, which suggests that in that period it was fortified with four towers, interconnected by a high and massive wall. As mentioned above, in the 16th century was attached to a guard tower, and a residential complex is now visible from the waterfront of Naxos, and apparatus for processing sugar cane, which was grown in the area. Finally, in the 19th century the building underwent another significant renovations were added graceful balconies that stretch along the facade.

The first owner of the castle in the 16th century was don Cesare Statella, a noble citizen of Catania. Then one of the owners of Castello Skit were members of the aristocratic family De Spuches, awnings Skizo and Haci, a wealthy native of Messina, Giovanni Conti, Lombardo Alonso, and in the early 20th century it passed to the family Paladino, who own it to this day.