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The Castello Sonnino: photo description (Castello Sonnino)

Castello Sonnino stands on a jutting out into the sea cliff a few kilometers from Livorno, in the town of Romito. The construction of the castle began in the late 19th century, when the Baron Sidney Sonnino decided to get here a private residence. For this purpose he bought a small plot of land on which stood the fortress of the 16th century, built by order of the Medici in the place of another fortification, which was also part of the coastal defensive system.

Work on the construction of Castello Sonnino consisted of the extension and rise of a fortress known as the Torre San Salvatore, is a square tower with a Bastion for the placing of artillery. In 1895, the year was built next to the chapel that exists today and is surrounded by a lush garden.

Sonnino, a prominent figure in Italian politics, was very attached to his residence along the coast: gloomy and austere man, he was fascinated by the solitude and beauty of the coast, which can be admired from the upper floors of the castle. Baron wanted to be buried on the territory of his estate, and after his death in 1922, the year his ashes were buried in one of the caves.

Today, Castello Sonnino is privately owned and therefore closed to the public. Only sometimes, on special occasions, the owners allow tourists to explore the castle. Near the castle there is a small Marina with a small turret that can take up to 10 boats.

Sam Castello Sonnino, built in medieval style: he wears next to teeth that give the structure a menacing look. The appearance of the castle is quite strict - the only decoration is a wooden door with fine inlay in the Gothic style.