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The Castello, Firmiano: photos, description Castello Firmiano)

The Castello, Firmiano, whose name in German sounds like Sigmundskron, is a spacious castle with a network of fortifications located around the town of Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol. Today it houses one of the sections of the Messner Mountain Museum (MPEG Ðœountain Mercure - MMM), founded by the famous Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner.

The first mention of the Castello Firmiano meet in 945 year. Then he was known as Formicary. In 1027, the year the Emperor Conrad II gave the castle to the property of the Bishop of Trento, and in the 12th century it passed into the possession of the foreign Minister's meetings are representatives of the fine chivalry which since then began to carry the name Firmian. Around 1473, the year of the Tyrolean ruler Sigismund the Rich bought the castle, renamed it Sigmundskron and adapting it to withstand firearms. Formicaria from the ancient to the present day preserved only a few fragments, mostly located on the highest points of the area.

Due to financial difficulties Sigismund was forced to mortgage the castle, causing the structure gradually began to decline. At the end of the 18th century it belonged to the counts of Wolkenstein, and after them - until 1994, the year the counts of Toggenburg. It was the last owners of the castle of Firmiano in 1976, the year partially restored the ruined castle and opened it as a restaurant. And in 1996, the year the castle became the property of the province of Bolzano.

In the spring of 2003, the year after a long opposition Reinhold Messner received the castle as a long-term lease to accommodate the exposition of the Mining Museum. During the next restoration work in 2006-m to year on the territory of the Castello, Firmiano was discovered a grave of the Neolithic period with a female skeleton, which, according to preliminary estimates, from 6 to 7 thousand years.