/ / The Castello Eurialo: photos, description (Castello Eurialo)

The Castello Eurialo: photos, description (Castello Eurialo)

The Castello Eurialo is located 7 km North-West of Syracuse in the area of Belvedere. The road leading to the castle gives you the opportunity to imagine the scale of fortifications built in the city during the reign of Dionysius the Elder. In addition to the fortifications on the island of Ortigia, this talented strategist decided to build a wall around the entire settlement, including areas of the Pacific and Naples, which were located at some distance from the centre of Syracuse and could be easily prone to attack.

Between 402 and 397 BC Dionysius the Elder told to build an impressive 27-kilometer-long wall, named after him, along the perimeter of the high plateau Epipole. Strengthening consisted of two parallel walls built of rectangular limestone blocks, up to 10 meters high and 3 meters wide. Around the perimeter of the walls at equal distance from each other were made the secret door that allowed the human flow to pass back and forth without creating congestion, and provide an opportunity to monitor for any suspected offense.

On the highest point of the plateau 120 metres above sea level) towered castle, the Castello Eurialo, which had an important strategic location. Its name comes from the name of the promontory on which it stands and which resembles in its form the head of the nail ("euryalus" in Greek). This castle is one of the most impressive fortifications built by the Greeks and handed down to our days from antiquity. The center of the fortress is surrounded by three successive ditches, connected by a maze of underground tunnels, which allowed the garrisons to act independently. So, for example, using underground tunnels can be quickly removed from the pit set on fire any object thrown by an enemy, before he will cause harm to the building. And if the enemy were still here, he would immediately was disoriented.

Today the entrance to the castle is on the site of the first trench 6 meters long and 4 meters in depth. A little further lies the second deep trench with a length of about 50 meters, framed by vertical walls, and at once behind it - third a length of 17 meters and a depth of 9 meters. All together is a real Chinese puzzle. Three high square pillar at a third of the ditch suggest that once there was a drawbridge providing access to the interior of the castle. The East side is literally littered with communicating passages, one of which is a length of about 200 meters which leads to the toothed gate of the castle and out of it. And the Western side is supplied by various underground rooms in which were stored the weapons and uniforms. Over the moat is a square tower, inside which you can see three square tanks. From the far corner of the tower gave a great view down to Syracuse and plain.

After the conquest of Sicily by the Romans in 212 BC, the Castello Eurialo used for various purposes, and in the Byzantine period, was partially rebuilt.