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The Castello di Presule: photos, description Castello di Presule)

The Castello di Presule - Gothic castle, standing on the plain at the foot of mount Schlern in South Tyrol. The first mention of it dates back to 1279-th year. It is believed that the castle was built by the vassals of the Bishopric of Brixen (Bressanone) at the beginning of the 13th century. All that remain today from the original structure, the Central Palace with its arched doorway in the Romanesque style. In Italy, the castle is sometimes called the Castello Colonna, referring to the fact that in the first years of existence of the castle owners - the family of Fiè is also referred to as Fiè Column. According to one version, FIE was descended from one of the branches of the family Column, which appeared in the Tyrol in the 12th century.

In the 15th century, the Romanesque, the Castello di Presule was rebuilt in the Gothic style by order of Leonard von Wels, Manager of the salt mines of Tyrol and the former a very wealthy gentleman. Leonard was married three times at least wealthy ladies, whose property enabled him to spend huge amounts on developing the castle. In 1498, the year Leonard, due to his friendship with the Holy Roman Emperor and Austrian Archduke Maximilian I, was appointed Governor of the County of Tyrol. My gratitude for the high post he expressed that included a picture of the Emperor on one of the frescoes in the newly built arcade of the castle.

In the 16th century Castello di Presule was for a short period captured the rebellious peasants, who burned all the documents, hoping to destroy the evidence of their debts. The rebellion was suppressed, and six of its leaders were executed. Leonard von Wels has also led to burning at the stake of eight local women, accusing them of witchcraft. They say that the way he wanted to deflect responsibility for the high infant mortality in the region, attributed it to the machinations of witches. Interestingly, many local legends about the so-called "witches of Lerna" was born in those years.

The Castello di Presule remained in the ownership of the family Wels to 1810, the year when he died, the last representative of the genus, Felix. The next 50 years, the castle was empty and almost in ruins, and for the period 1860-1978 years, he changed at least 14 owners, and have experienced periods of decline and attempts a full restoration. Only in 1981, the year was established the society for the guardianship of Castello di Presule, and the following year the castle was completely restored. Today in the castle you can get to tourist groups, which are formed during the summer months and the Christmas period. The on-site cultural activities, including concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances. On a permanent basis are the following exhibitions - the collection of arms and armor of knights, a collection of paintings and exhibition of works of modern art.