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Castel Beseno: photos, description (Castel Beseno)

Castel Beseno is the largest in Trentino fortified complex. Today used as a venue for exhibitions and various shows and is part of the Museum complex of the Castello di Buonconsiglio.

Castel Beseno occupies a hilltop dominating the Valle Dell'adige, between Rovereto and Trento. To reach the castle located at the foot of the hill town of Busenello. In addition to its majestic appearance, the castle attracts tourists and fascinating atmosphere of the middle Ages. Here, amid the spectacular scenery of the Campo dei Tornei, regularly hosts exhibitions, cultural events and parades.

The walls of this fortress has seen many battles from wars with Verona is the 12-13th centuries to the battle of 1487, the year between Trentino troops and the Venetians, from the revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries, to the bloody battles of both world wars. The battle of Calliano, which took place in 1487, the year dedicated to one of the exhibitions of the castle - here are exhibited the weapons 15-17-th centuries. In 1973, the year of Castel Beseno was transferred to the possession of the province of Trento, and at the initiative of the local government was renovated and transformed into a Museum complex.

Huge bastions in the shape of a Crescent - a distinguishing feature of the castle was built in the 16th century. The main entrance to the Castel Beseno was once equipped with a drawbridge. Today, entering inside the castle, you can still see the three loopholes for gun loopholes in the backyard. The room that previously housed the powder magazine, converted into a hall for visitors, where you can get acquainted with the history of the castle. Nearby you can see the clock tower and the barn. For the Central part of the castle are the living quarters, as well as Casa del Vescovo (Bishop's House) and Palazzo Nuovo.