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Castel Dell'ovo: photos, description (Castel Dell'ovo)

One of the main attractions - the ancient castle of Castel Dell'ovo, the egg castle", so named because of its configuration, is tuff on the volcanic island. Its history dates back to the times of Ancient Rome: here was the Villa of Lucullus, famous for its abundant feasts. In the early middle Ages there were monastic deserts and in the XII century the first Norman fortification, enhanced in the fourteenth century, the Angevin rulers. At the end of the XV century castle, damaged during the fighting, was completely rebuilt. Its harsh yellowish walls sharply contrast with the peaceful neighborhoods of Santa Lucia. Inside the Castel Dell'ovo is the ancient chapel of the Savior, and there is also a Museum of ancient history.

At the bottom of the fortress, under the gate of the Port of Santa Lucia there are many fish restaurants.