/ / Castel, Mareccio: photo, description: Castel Mareccio)

Castel, Mareccio: photo, description: Castel Mareccio)

Castel, Mareccio located in the historical centre of Bolzano. In its structure it is rather an aristocratic residence than a defensive building. The oldest part of the castle - the main tower dates from the 12th century. It was built by Berthold von Bozen, the ancestor of the family, Mareccio. The descendants of von Bozen, and Paolo bertoldo Mareccio in the 14th century was ruled by the judicial system in Bolzano. In subsequent centuries the castle has undergone significant changes, in particular, was built the fence.

Boltansky branch of the family, Mareccio ceased to exist in 1435, and all their possessions became the property of Mareccio of Naturno, and from them to the family Rafer ... my. It Christopher Rafer ... my being in a difficult relationship with the Tyrolean ruler, the Duke of Sigismondo Il Generoso, also known as Sigismund the Rich, was forced to abandon Castel, Mareccio in favor of Duke. So, in the 15th century, the castle began to pass from hand to hand.

About the middle of the 16th century on the initiative of the next owners of the castle, the family Roemer, was a large-scale renovation work - built four towers, a hall, a tower and chapel was painted with frescoes, was built a defensive ditch. Authors of numerous frescoes, unfortunately, remains unknown, but they, no doubt, was at the court of Sigismondo. The main subjects of the murals of traditional scenes from the Bible and lives of saints. For the work done on the restoration of the castle Remery received the title of barons in the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand II.

Then Castell, Mareccio again repeatedly changed owners, until in the middle of the 19th century was not the property of Anne Santan, which has leased it to the state. The state for half a century posted on the building Armory. Then, the castle houses the State Archives, and later he bought the Office of Tourism of Bolzano, which made the castle his main office. Before this the castle was carried out thorough restoration work, special attention which was paid to the restoration of the old frescoes. Today Castel, Mareccio used for a variety of cultural events. It is also open to tourists.