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Castel, Sismondo: photos, description (Castel Sismondo)

Castel, Sismondo, located in Rimini, once belonged to the powerful ruler of the city Sigismund Pandolfo Malatesta. Its construction began in March 1437, the year. According to historical Chronicles, Malatesta himself designed the castle, although, it took some real architects, for example, the famous Filippo Brunelleschi. Work on the construction of the castle lasted about 15 years.

Initially, the Castel Sismondo was surrounded by a wide moat with a Ravelin at the main entrance where you can see the heraldic symbol of the Malatesta family and the Gothic words "Sigismondo Pandolfo". The massive walls of the castle, according to historians, could withstand the impact of the new firearms, just in those years which spread throughout Europe. All the towers were facing Rimini, since the mid-15th century the castle was situated outside the city walls. This feature suggests that, most likely, the popular uprising against the Malatesta were not uncommon, and powerful Lord had to defend it from the inhabitants of the city. Once each of these square towers were equipped with bronze cannon.

The Central part of Castel Sismondo, which consisted of several buildings, was the residence of the Malatesta. Most beautiful living rooms were decorated with tapestries, frescoes and hangings. Probably were decorated the outer walls of the residence and the traces of majolica, extant. It was in this castle in 1468, the year Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta and died. In 1821, the year the castle was turned into military barracks for the local branch of the carabinieri. Five years later, its outer walls were demolished and the moat was filled with earth. Preserved today in the Central "core" of Castel Sismondo artistic events.