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Castel Toblino: photos, description (Castel Toblino)

Castel Toblino is a luxurious fortress right in the middle of lake toblino. This is one of the most famous castles of Trentino. It owes its fame to the fantastic location and the amazing beauty of the surroundings, as well as many dark legends which is unfolding within these walls. A rocky promontory, a few centuries ago the former island (then the water level in the lake was 2 meters above), two thousand years ago was a place of fairies - they dedicated a small temple, dated to the 3rd century. This interesting fact is immortalized in a stone tablet mounted on the wall of the castle cloister.

Soon, however, the "magic" component of the locking arrangement gave place to a military purpose is very much convenient in the strategic plan were focused on the Castel Toblino. The temple was replaced by a stern fortress, which fought for life and death.

The current Castel toblino is the result of the reconstruction, started in the 16th century by order of Bernardo Clesio. The fortress was converted into a residential residence, especially loved by the ruling bishops of Trento. One of the darkest legends of the castle is connected with Carlo Emanuele, Madruzzo, the last Bishop of this kind: they say that Carlo has poisoned the niece of the Philibert and his brother Vittorio, and the Lord punished the Bishop, his mistress Claudia and her brother drowned trying to get to the castle by boat. Since the full moon above the lake soar the souls of drowned men.

It should say on the lake Toblino, a small Alpine lake, surrounded by lush vegetation. The lake lies at an altitude of 245 metres above sea level and due to its unique biological characteristics is considered to be a protected area. Toblino is considered one of the most enchanting bodies of water of Trentino. The mild climate contributes to the fact that on its banks, planted with olive trees and different kinds of flowers. The lake also serves as a stopping place for some species of migratory birds.