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Castel Flavon: photo description (Castel Flavon)

Castel Flavon located high above Bolzano and its surroundings. The appearance of the building and its atmosphere are very impressive.

Impressive castle complex was built in the 12th century by the lords of Haselberg. In those days Castel Flavon was surrounded by a circular wall, which, however, it was easy to storm. Today fragments of the wall can be seen in the southern and Eastern parts of the castle. Beyond the defense line was located in a residential complex. Probably the main castle tower was also built in the 12th century - this is evidenced by the made in the vicinity of the finds. Part of the system was a cistern for collecting rainwater, which in the 13th-15th centuries was substantially rebuilt. Between 1474 and 1541 m over the years and the whole castle was modified at the initiative of the lords phie has - the results of the reconstruction are still visible today. In the East wing of the Castel Flavon was built hall with double arcades, one big hall appeared in the Northern part of the castle. Also there was built a new defensive wall.

Today Castel Flavon consists of three sections, which after the restoration work was decorated with frescoes. However, the North wing collapsed in 1880 year, and only recently restored on a smaller scale, retain only fragments of wall paintings. The rooms of the castle are now used for seminars, conferences and special events. Unique vintage complex high above the roofs of Bolzano adds to the luxurious restaurant.