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Castel Yuval: photos, description (Castel Juval)

Castel Yuval is a medieval castle located at the entrance to the Val Senales in the village of Naturns in South Tyrol. Its name comes from the Latin name of Mont Yuvis (mount of Jupiter).

The oldest mention of the castle dates from 1278, the year when he was owned by Hugo von Montalban and it was built about 30 years before. In 1368, the year of Castel Yuval was bought by the rulers of Starkenberg, and two centuries later he moved to Incoterm. This period - from the time of construction and until the mid-16th century - was the heyday of the castle: Hans von Sinkmaster turned soldier Fort into a luxury building in the Renaissance style. However, in the early 19th century the castle was sold to a local farmer Joseph Blaas, and the building gradually began to decline until in 1913, the year it was purchased by William Rowland, who invested a lot of money in the restoration of the estate.

Since 1983, the year Castel Yuval serves as the summer residence of the famous conqueror of the mountain peaks Reinhold Messner, which is partly turned the castle into a Museum - it exhibits objects of Tibetan art, the image of the sacred mountains of the world, a collection of masks from five continents, etc. In July and August, when Messner resting here, the Museum and the castle itself cannot be visited. However, around the castle there is a trail available to the public anytime, along which there are information boards telling about the plant wealth of the region. There is also a small mountain zoo, and at the foot of a hill - farm shop.