/ / Castle Cornedo al Colle isarco: photo description (Cornedo all'isarco)

Castle Cornedo al Colle isarco: photo description (Cornedo all'isarco)

Castle Cornedo-al-Colle isarco - castle in the eponymous town in the province of South Tyrol, Trentino-Alto Adige / südtirol, 4 km East from Bolzano. Historians suggest that the castle was built in the early 13th century on the orders of Ministerial (of the knights of the bishopric of Brixen, which is the rule in those years in South Tyrol. He perched on high, inaccessible cliff above the confluence of Ego and Isaac, where once was the border between the Kingdom of the Lombards and to the lands of Bavaria. The name of kornedo comes from the Latin word "cornus" horn.

Donjon - the main tower of the castle has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 7.4 6.8 meters, and the thickness of its walls up to 2.1 m. the Function of the tower - observation post, and get to it was not easy - the entrance is located at 8 m above the ground. Two-story lobby in the Northern part of kornedo once had a rich and meaningful status of its founders. Hall and the donjon was surrounded by a wall with a gate in the South-Eastern part.

The first documentary mention of kornedo al Isarco found in 1246, the year. For a century the castle was rebuilt and reconstructed, and in the 14th century was attached to it a chapel that was later decorated with frescoes of the early Gothic style. In the same century the castle several times passed from hand to hand and even survived the fire, during which most of the buildings were destroyed. Restoration of kornedo took more than a decade. However long the castle was a bargaining chip in the hands of those in power, and in the 18-19-th centuries for nearly 80 years, was in ruins until it was purchased by a Lieutenant in the Austro-Hungarian army Ritter Anton von Goldegg. He has given the building new life. In the 20th century the appearance of the castle has undergone significant changes - first floor North-Western tower, dated to the 16th century, was demolished. The interior of the castle was decorated with wall paintings, works of Otto Huppa, Balthasar Schmidt, Franz Ruben and Rudolf von Seize. The rooms of the castle were re-furnished, and Cornedo al Isarco again became habitable. Today the castle is a monument of history. It is open for visits from April to October.