/ / The castle Marchione: photos, description Castello Marchione)

The castle Marchione: photos, description Castello Marchione)

The castle Marchione, located near the town of Conversano in the province of Bari, is another noteworthy monument of history and architecture of the Italian region of Puglia. Interestingly, the origin of its name, as the history of construction is still uncertain. It is only known that a long time ago on the site of the castle, on the seashore, stood a hunting Lodge surrounded by oak trees. Till our days remained only one oak, which has more than five centuries. A beautiful old legend says that under the castle still has a secret underground passage that leads to the castle of Conversano.

In the 18th century Castello Marchione was a summer residence of Prince Giulio Acquaviva IV, but in the 19th century the structure was in ruins. The castle was leased, mostly peasants, he changed his owners who cared little about preserving his artistic legacy. Only in 1920-ies, when the owner of the castle became the Giulia Acquaviva d'aragona, it began the first restoration work. They continued and after the death of the Princess, when Castello Marchione passed to her son, Fabio Tomacelli Filomarino.

Today, Castello Marchione is a building in the shape of a rectangle with a mezzanine, four corner towers and a basement floor. The facade is decorated with small balconies, which are connected with balconies, towers, and carved balustrades, which can also be seen on the front stairs and one at the back. Rooms of the upper floor, destined for the nobility, once had wooden ceilings, but in the 19th century they were replaced by masonry. Only the main hall has preserved its original appearance - its wooden ceiling decorated with coat-of-arms of the house Acquaviva d'aragona. In this room you can see a family tree type and a picture of Giangirolamo II Acquaviva, called "the one-eyed man from Puglia".

Since 1993, the year in Castello Marchione regularly hosts conferences, meetings, congresses and wedding celebrations and summer in the garden with an area of over 100 thousand sq. m. and concerts.